Cultural, economic and environmental forces are re-shaping how organizations view and communicate with their stakeholders. As new generations choose personal and mobile media, organizations must change how they seek, share and sell services. For many, adapting to new communication channels remains a complex but essential practice.

A growing emphasis on authenticity, social responsibility and customer responsiveness is also defining business. Financial markets have proven brand reputation is an important element of valuation — as important as a brand's functional benefits.  Brand reputation begins with customers’ and employees’ understanding, engagement and willingness to advocate on the brand’s behalf.

RMC understands these shifts, taking a multi-stakeholder approach to marketing and communications. We believe this approach helps companies and brands play strong offense, but is fundamental to forming a strong defense in challenging times. 

We work through this lens to find critical points of leverage and capitalize through communication that engages, motivates and causes constituents to act. Then, the RMC and client teams work together to put these plans into action — including message and content development, training and campaign implementation.




RMC curates virtual teams of communiations professionals with significant category and situational experience to align with clients' specific needs. The benefit is that clients gain our team's experience and tap their passions without the overhead of a traditional bricks and mortar firm.