Look to the Horizon:

Managing Communication in the Covid-19 Era

 The world as we knew it has changed quickly and dramatically.  Yet, at some point hopefully in the near future, we will find a “new” normal.

What we do know is that organizations depend on communications – and digital communications using their owned media -- more than ever. 

There are fundamental principles we practice in crisis communications that continue to hold true even in this new era.   First, there are many things we don’t know and can’t predict.  Second, we’re not sure when we will have the answers because we are still learning and circumstances continue to change.

Yet, our stakeholders and communities look to us for guidance – and for truth when times are most challenging. This is one of those times. Your constituents recognize there is an unprecedented issue we are grappling with.  They want to know how your organization is:

  • Providing needed goods or services, even as supply or delivery times are modified. 
  • Helping them get through this turbulent time.   
  • ·Ensuring a safe workplace and delivery.

Important through this period is to overcommunicate – your most loyal customers want signals that parts of their lives are progressing, even as society pulls back at the moment.

If possible, try to strike a balance; be in the moment but always look ahead.  It’s darkest just before dawn.  But remember, look to the horizon.  Dawn is coming.